• Defibrillator Myths

    Defibrillators – 11 Myths Debunked

    | 26 Jun 2017

    A Defibrillator, otherwise known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), is a life-saving device used to treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest. It is a powerful device that administers a scientifically measured electrical shock to the heart via electrode pads attached to the person’s chest. But don’t be alarmed! Defibrillators are designed to save a life through […]

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  • What is a USI

    What is a Unique Student Identifier (USI) and How Do I Set it Up?

    | 22 Jun 2017

    Nearly four million Australians are broadening their skillset and accreditation through nationally recognised courses every year. However, many ask themselves what is a USI? To ensure each person’s qualifications are monitored and recorded the Australian government introduced the Unique Student Identifier (USI). The USI is a reference code which is unique to each individual and […]

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  • img_3401-banner

    CPR Has Never Looked Better With a Vibrant Makeover at Chadstone the Fashion Capital

    | 19 Jun 2017

    Did you know that only 23% of Victorians feel confident to step up in an emergency to save a life? St John Ambulance thinks this number is far too low, and has created the CPR Lab Experience so that everyone can learn in just 10 minutes how to perform CPR in an emergency. Every minute […]

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  • First Aid

    End of Financial Year First Aid Advice

    | 14 Jun 2017

    End of Financial Year is fast approaching and it’s important that every business has ticked all the boxes available to benefit their business before tax time arrives. But far more important than financial savings, End of Financial Year is the ideal time to ensure your business is well placed to save a life. Checking your Kits, […]

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  • hypothermia-banner-crop

    First Aid for Overexposure to the cold – Frostbite and Hypothermia Treatment– 9 Essential Tips

    | 08 Jun 2017

    What is Hypothermia? Hypothermia is a condition which is triggered when the body’s warming abilities fail or are overwhelmed. This causes the body temperature to drop below 35°C, under the normal average of 37°C. With the onset of winter, Victorians are exposed to colder, wetter and windier weather conditions. You could find yourself in a […]

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  • Philips HeartStart AED

    A Guide To Setting Up Your Philips HeartStart AED in 5 Easy Steps

    | 06 Jun 2017

    So, you’ve made the wise decision to purchase a Philips HeartStart AED for your workplace, community club or school to ensure you are First Aid ready in case of a cardiac emergency. But, what’s next? Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are designed to be simple to use for people of all ages, education and background and setting […]

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  • First Aid Training

    Guide to First Aid Training – What First Aid Providers to Book and Why


    Incidences that require First Aid can present themselves anywhere, at any time. The workplace is one of the most common places a First Aid situation will occur so it is imperative that every business is First Aid ready. With a range of options available for First Aid training it is essential that you are confident […]

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  • Defibrillator AED

    How to Choose a Defibrillator – 22 Life Saving Features Compared

    | 31 May 2017

    When it comes to saving a life during a cardiac arrest every minute counts. If a Defibrillator is available it is vital that it can be used reliably and quickly by the user. The sooner the casualty receives defibrillation the greater their chance of survival is in the life threatening situation of cardiac arrest. It’s […]

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  • Heart Attack Signs

    Are You About To Have a Heart Attack? Top 11 Heart Attack Signs to Watch For

    | 30 May 2017

    The words ‘heart attack’ strike fear into all of us. It brings to mind images of a sudden, painful and scary end. Which it sadly is for around 9,000 Australians each year. But what is the reality and the truth when it comes to heart attacks? And, importantly what heart attack signs should you keep […]

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  • choosing-first-aid-kit-article-header-banner-tiny

    How to Choose the Best First Aid Kit

    | 23 May 2017

    We know the world of First Aid Kits can be a little daunting if you’re unfamiliar with what’s available. Will it have the right equipment, or enough of the right contents for me? How will I know what needs to be in there? How you choose the best First Aid Kit from dozens of potential […]

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