• The Parallels Between Workplace Bullying And Employee Mental Health

    | 09 Oct 2017

    In the midst of Mental Health Month it’s important that businesses reflect on their workplace culture and how it is contributing to the psychological status and productivity of employees. According to Heads Up Australia almost half of Australian employees believe their workplace is mentally unhealthy. This is an alarming revelation as psychological health is a […]

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  • Anaphylactic Allergy – The Myths And The Facts

    | 25 Sep 2017

    In this day and age we receive reminders of the severity of allergic diseases on a daily basis. Food allergy warnings are heavily present in places like aeroplanes, schools and hospitality venues. The recent move to highlight the potential of anaphylactic allergy in public places is a great way to raise awareness to the disease […]

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  • Asthma First Aid – What Everyone Should Know

    | 18 Sep 2017

    Are you one of nine Australians who suffer from Asthma? Or do you have a close friend, family member or colleague who suffers from the common chronic condition? Chances are that if you don’t suffer from asthma you’re likely to know someone who does. Asthma sufferers of Melbourne and surrounds were given a brutal reminder […]

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  • 7 Ways to Be Better Prepared for a Mental Health Crisis

    | 12 Sep 2017

    R U OK? DAY is a national initiative which encourages Australians to ask their loved ones, colleagues and strangers alike an important yet simple question – ‘are you okay?’- with the intent of starting an honest conversation about mental health. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 3.2 million Australians suffered from a mental disorder […]

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  • Snake Bite First Aid Tips

    | 28 Aug 2017

    One of Australia’s most renowned native animals is the deadly brown snake. The venomous reptile is one of many lethal creatures that inhabit our contrasting landscapes but it is certainly the most frequently encountered. Brown snakes can be found all across Australia which is why every Australian should know how to provide snake bite First […]

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  • A Guide To Remote First Aid

    | 23 Aug 2017

    Outdoor activities in remote areas are often strenuous and challenging. Due to the activities and often unpredictable environment, the need for remote First Aid is more likely to occur. Hikes through thick forestry, camping off-road and offshore fishing trips are part of Australia’s beloved outdoor culture. But every outdoor adventure, no matter how often you’ve […]

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  • First Aid Tip – A Guide To Being The Workplace First Aider

    | 07 Aug 2017

    So you’ve completed your First Aid training and put up your hand to be the Workplace First Aider? Or your boss saw your potential and requested you take on the position? Either or, you’re probably wondering what exactly is involved in the role. First Aid incidents and emergencies vary in every workplace. They range from […]

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  • First Aid For Dislocations

    | 31 Jul 2017

    Many of us have witnessed a person trip or fall, or have been cheering by the sidelines when sportsmen collide on the football field. Then there are some of us who have witnessed a high impact car accident with a vehicle, tree, sign or fence. Incidents such as these that involve a significant amount of […]

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  • First Aid For Fractures

    | 24 Jul 2017

    Do you play sport or live an active lifestyle? Does your job require you to perform labour-intensive and repetitive tasks? Do you work outside or in an accident prone environment? If you answered yes, then you’re at risk of suffering from or witnessing a fracture. Fractures, although painful, are often not life-threatening injuries. However, it […]

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  • First Aid Tips for Sprains and Strains

    First Aid Tips for Sprains and Strains

    | 17 Jul 2017

    Sprains and strains can happen to people of all ages, in a range of different environments and under a variety of circumstances. Sometimes even when you do your best to avoid them, sprains and strains still occur. The most common causes are from over stressing your body with intense exercise, jolting movements, falls, trips, slips […]

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