• Motorcycle First Aid

    Motorcycle First Aid Tips

    | 03 Jul 2017

    Riding a motorcycle can be as high risk as any extreme sport so it’s important every rider knows Motorcycle First Aid. The high velocity involved in riding a motorcycle can lead to life threatening injuries such as head, spinal, severe wounds, fractures, dislocations, sprains, strains and loss of consciousness. According to the Transport Accident Commission […]

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  • First Aid for Overexposure to the cold – Frostbite and Hypothermia Treatment– 9 Essential Tips

    | 08 Jun 2017

    What is Hypothermia? Hypothermia is a condition which is triggered when the body’s warming abilities fail or are overwhelmed. This causes the body temperature to drop below 35°C, under the normal average of 37°C. With the onset of winter, Victorians are exposed to colder, wetter and windier weather conditions. You could find yourself in a […]

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  • A Guide To Setting Up Your Philips HeartStart AED in 5 Easy Steps

    | 06 Jun 2017

    So, you’ve made the wise decision to purchase a Philips HeartStart AED for your workplace, community club or school to ensure you are First Aid ready in case of a cardiac emergency. But, what’s next? Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are designed to be simple to use for people of all ages, education and background and setting […]

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  • How to Choose a Defibrillator – 22 Life Saving Features Compared

    | 31 May 2017

    When it comes to saving a life during a cardiac arrest every minute counts. If a Defibrillator is available it is vital that it can be used reliably and quickly by the user. The sooner the casualty receives defibrillation the greater their chance of survival is in the life threatening situation of cardiac arrest. It’s […]

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  • Are You About To Have a Heart Attack? Top 11 Heart Attack Signs to Watch For

    | 30 May 2017

    The words ‘heart attack’ strike fear into all of us. It brings to mind images of a sudden, painful and scary end. Which it sadly is for around 9,000 Australians each year. But what is the reality and the truth when it comes to heart attacks? And, importantly what heart attack signs should you keep […]

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  • How to Choose the Best First Aid Kit

    | 23 May 2017

    We know the world of First Aid Kits can be a little daunting if you’re unfamiliar with what’s available. Will it have the right equipment, or enough of the right contents for me? How will I know what needs to be in there? How you choose the best First Aid Kit from dozens of potential […]

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  • Fainting First Aid

    Fainting First Aid

    | 16 May 2017

    Fainting can be a fairly common occurrence, but nonetheless it is concerning to see someone collapse in front of you with no warning. You may not know if they’re simply fainting or having a serious incident such as a sudden cardiac arrest that could result in death. Once you learn the correct fainting First Aid […]

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  • Camping First Aid Myths – Practical Parenting

    | 13 Apr 2017

    Just in time for Easter camping trips away in the wilderness, Practical Parenting published this handy guide on camping first aid myths in collaboration with St John Ambulance. It covers what to do and what not to do for a bee sting, dehydration, snakebite and burns around the camp fire. Going bush can be dangerous, […]

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  • Wilderness First Aid Tips for Camping and Hiking

    Going Camping? Wilderness First Aid Tips

    | 11 Apr 2017

    When we ask people why they’re completing First Aid training with us, often they’re keen campers or hikers and want some wilderness First Aid advice in case something should go awry when they’re possibly hours or days away from help. The risks are magnified when you’re in dense bush and a location without a mobile […]

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  • What Is Mental Health First Aid

    What Is Mental Health First Aid and How Can I Help in a Crisis?

    | 05 Apr 2017

    Mental Health First Aid is one of those courses we all think is a good idea, but how many of us have done a course? With 1 in 5 Australian adults experiencing symptoms of mental illness during any 12 month period, the likelihood you could need to use skills taught in a mental health first […]

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