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    A Guide To Remote First Aid

    | 23 Aug 2017

    Outdoor activities in remote areas are often strenuous and challenging. Due to the activities and often unpredictable environment, the need for remote First Aid is more likely to occur. Hikes through thick forestry, camping off-road and offshore fishing trips are part of Australia’s beloved outdoor culture. But every outdoor adventure, no matter how often you’ve […]

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  • St John Ambulance Volunteer

    Duo Change Many Lives – Hume Leader

    | 22 Aug 2017

    Rosemary Le Guier, a veteran St John Ambulance Victoria volunteer, has been awarded Hume Resident of the month as acknowledgement for her philanthropic work over the years, as reported by the Hume Leader.

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  • First Aid In Schools

    St Kieran’s Promoting Health And Wellbeing – Latrobe Valley Express

    | 21 Aug 2017

    Latrobe Valley Express recently reported St Kieran’s Catholic Primary School’s visit from St John Ambulance Victoria’s First Aid In Schools program. The school is implementing a range of health and wellbeing programs as part of the Victorian state government’s Healthy Together Achievement initiative.

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  • Local Football

    First Aider, It’s A No Brainer – Ballarat Courier

    | 16 Aug 2017

    When a teenage football player suffered suspected neck injuries at a local Ballarat game bystanders didn’t waste any time and immediately called triple zero (000). St John Ambulance Victoria applauded the quick thinking from bystanders but advocates that every sports club has a trained First Aider onsite to ensure if emergency services are needed a trained […]

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  • First Aid Kit Servicing

    How to do First Aid Kit Servicing

    | 15 Aug 2017

    It is critical that your workplace is fully equipped, prepared and ready to respond to a First Aid event at all times. This includes the nominated Workplace First Aiders completing accredited training and most importantly, access to a fully stocked and up-to-date First Aid Kit. This helps go some way to ensuring your workplace is […]

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  • First Aid Tips

    Top Safety Tips From St John Ambulance – Safety Solutions

    | 11 Aug 2017

    St John Ambulance Victoria has compiled a list of tips to help workplaces stay safe and avoid accidents. Read our top 5 tips as seen in Safety Solutions here.

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  • St John Volunteer

    Eliza Geraghty Rises In The Ranks At St John Ambulance – Star Weekly


    Eliza Geraghty signed up as a volunteer with St Monica’s College’s St John Ambulance youth division as a Year 9 Student. Since then, her dedication for helping others has been recognised, with Eliza, now 18, recently winning the Peter Falkland Award for Youth Member of the Year. Read more about Eliza’s contribution through volunteering on Star Weekly.

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  • First Aid officer

    First Aid Tip – A Guide To Being The Workplace First Aider

    | 07 Aug 2017

    So you’ve completed your First Aid training and put up your hand to be the Workplace First Aider? Or your boss saw your potential and requested you take on the position? Either or, you’re probably wondering what exactly is involved in the role. First Aid incidents and emergencies vary in every workplace. They range from […]

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  • Dislocation

    First Aid For Dislocations

    | 31 Jul 2017

    Many of us have witnessed a person trip or fall, or have been cheering by the sidelines when sportsmen collide on the football field. Then there are some of us who have witnessed a high impact car accident with a vehicle, tree, sign or fence. Incidents such as these that involve a significant amount of […]

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  • First Aid for Fractures

    First Aid For Fractures

    | 24 Jul 2017

    Do you play sport or live an active lifestyle? Does your job require you to perform labour-intensive and repetitive tasks? Do you work outside or in an accident prone environment? If you answered yes, then you’re at risk of suffering from or witnessing a fracture. Fractures, although painful, are often not life-threatening injuries. However, it […]

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