• Should You Get the Flu Vaccination This Year?

    | 26 Apr 2018

    A tickle, a sneeze, an ache, a sniffle or a cough – this time of year it often leads to the same thing; the Flu. With a particularly severe 2017 Flu season behind us, many people are considering getting the flu vaccination, and with good reason. With 745 deaths in 2017 directly from the Flu, […]

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  • Life-Saving Training Provided – Shepparton News

    | 19 Apr 2018

    St John Ambulance (VIC) visited Shepparton Maude St Mall on Wednesday 18th April as part of the 2018 CPR Lab Rural Roadshow. Professional trainers provided locals the opportunity to learn real life-saving skills with 10 minute CPR lessons using the state of the art QCPR technology, exclusive to St John Ambulance. Read more in this […]

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  • Chance To Learn Vital Life-Saving Skills – Shepparton News

    | 18 Apr 2018

    St John Ambulance (VIC) CPR Lab made its second stop on the 2018 Rural Roadshow, visiting Shepparton Maude St Mall on Wednesday 18th April 2018. If you’re interested in the CPR Lab visiting your town in regional Victoria, send your enquiries here. See more in the article below from Shepparton News.

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  • 5 Ways to Know if You’re Getting Your Training from a Real RTO

    | 17 Apr 2018

    When you’re completing any type of training, whether it be First Aid training or another sort of workplace course, you depend on knowing you’re dealing with a reputable RTO training organisation that will deliver more than just a piece of paper. After all, your time, money and effort are all extremely valuable and you have […]

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  • Defibrillators in the Workplace – Are They Necessary and How to Get One Free

    | 10 Apr 2018

    It’s true that more and more businesses are recognising the importance of Defibrillators in the workplace.  Imagining a colleague collapsed on the floor, not breathing, the seconds counting down while their brain is starved of oxygen and being unable to help is more than most can bear. The phone call to their next of kin […]

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  • Fired Up Volunteers Shine – Warrnambool Standard

    | 09 Apr 2018

    CPR Lab recently visited Warrnambool as part of the annual CFA Games which consists of junior volunteers applying their skills and competing against other divisions from around the state. See more in this article by the Warrnambool Standard.

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  • World Health Day: How Is St John Contributing?

    | 05 Apr 2018

    This World Health Day the World Health Organisation is again asking countries around the globe to commit to the longevity of their residents and to do what they can to ensure everyone has access to the health services they need. World Health Day is a reminder for all people to consider what they are doing […]

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  • Lifesaving Edition – Cobram Courier

    | 04 Apr 2018

    Cobram Anglican Grammar School are now ready to save a life if a Sudden Cardiac Arrest ever occurs on their premises. The conscientious decision to purchase a Defibrillator with St John Ambulance (VIC) will ensure students, teachers and visitors are in the safest possible place if a Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes. See more in this article […]

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  • Mum’s Little Guardian Angels Use Life-Saving Skills – Ballarat Courier

    | 28 Mar 2018

    Miners Rest brothers, Connor (8) and Sam (10), have been hailed as Mums two little guardian angels after a sudden health emergency in the home called for First Aid. Mother, Sarah Algie’s, health took an unexpected turn for the worse one morning before school and caused her to lapse into unconsciousness. Thankfully, both Connor and […]

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  • Seizure First Aid – What You Need To Know

    | 27 Mar 2018

    March has been labelled Epilepsy Awareness Month  thanks to Epilepsy Australia’s initiative to reduce stigma and discrimination of epilepsy around the nation. According to Epilepsy Action Australia approximately 3% – 3.5% of Australians will experience epilepsy throughout their lives which means a minimum of 723,900 Australians are directly affected by the condition. However, it’s important […]

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