• Kids’ Health Emergencies – Wangaratta Chronicle

    | 26 Feb 2018

    Appin Park Primary School students received aged appropriate First Aid lessons thanks to a visit from the St John Ambulance Victoria First Aid in Schools Program. First Aid in Schools is specifically designed to strengthen community resilience and ensure children are confident and capable to respond in an emergency. Read more in this article from […]

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  • It’s Never Too Early To Learn Vital Skills – The Courier

    | 22 Feb 2018

    The children at St Alipus Parish Primary School thoroughly enjoyed their St John Ambulance VIC First Aid in Schools visit, with the bandaging application a leading highlight amongst students. Students learnt the importance of checking for danger, patient response, dialling 000 and being able to provide accurate information on where the incident occurred, enabling them […]

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  • CPR Lab Roadshow Comes To Town – The Standard


    St John Ambulance Victoria launches CPR Lab 2018 Rural Roadshow, first stop Warrnambool. St John Ambulance (VIC) CPR Lab is a community program focused on strengthening community resilience through interactive and innovative CPR lessons, providing the public with the confidence and skills to save a life in an emergency. A 2016 Victorian State Government report, […]

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  • St John Ambulance Medical Buggy

    St John Revs Up Industry Expectations With State-of-the-Art Buggy

    | 20 Feb 2018

    Members of the public are often curious about St John Ambulance and what happens behind the scenes. We’re opening up the curtain and sharing more about the life saving equipment, people and procedures that spring into action each and every day at events and festivals across the state. One piece of important equipment you might […]

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  • Transport Fix For Elderly – Monash Leader


    St John Ambulance Victoria has launched a new Community Transport Service in The City of Monash to ease the challenges residents face when travelling to appointments, errands and events. With a 30% increase in the number of Monash residents aged 85 and over from 2011 to 2016 and a forecast to grow another 51% by […]

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  • Love Your Heart This Valentine’s Day And Every Other Day With Our Heart Attack First Aid Tips

    | 13 Feb 2018

    This Valentine’s Day we’re asking you to love yourself, more specifically; to love your heart. Because frankly, having optimal health is a far greater gift than any box of chocolates. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with an investment in you and your loved ones by following our guide on how to prevent a heart attack […]

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  • Can’t Escape The Heat? Here’s How To Manage Heat Stroke This Summer

    | 06 Feb 2018

    According to Climate Council Australia, temperatures are rising dramatically across the nation. This means more frequent, lengthier and higher intensity heat levels are being experienced than ever before. Over the past 15 years, Australians have endured 15 of the 16 hottest years ever measured and with the continuation of climate change temperatures are set to […]

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  • Bushfires: How To Cope With Smoke Inhalation

    | 31 Jan 2018

    There are few downfalls of an Australian summer, but the fierceness of our bushfires is certainly one of them. As a precautionary measure it’s important all Aussies know how to provide First Aid for smoke inhalation to fight the number of lives lost in the case of a tragic bush or house fire. Since the […]

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  • Defibrillator Gives Peace Of Mind To Rokeby Community – Warragul & Drouin Gazette

    | 30 Jan 2018

    Neerim District Community Bank was inspired to gift a Defibrilltor to the Rokeby Hall committee after  an influx of sudden cardiac arrests in the community. St John Ambulance Victoria will be supplying training on how community members can use the device to save a life. Read more in this article from the Warragul and Drouin Gazette.

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  • How To Keep Cool And Comfortable While Camping This Australia Day – The Examiner

    | 25 Jan 2018

    Australia Day lands directly in the middle of summer, so it’s no wonder the public holiday is generally forecasted to be a scorching hot day across the nation. As the public holiday falls on a Friday this year, many Australians have taken advantage of the additional day off work and planned a weekend embracing the […]

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