• Archer’s Crucial Safety Boost – Ararat Advertiser

    | 24 Oct 2017

    Ararat and Stawell Archery Clubs are ready to respond in the case of a cardiac emergency thanks to the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program supported by St John Ambulance Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services. The program enables 1000 sporting clubs across Victoria to receive a Defibrillator at no cost for their […]

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  • 7 Shocking Truths About A Defibrillator

    | 23 Oct 2017

    Throughout October the Cardiac Arrest Survival Foundation is reminding the nation of the importance of Defibrillators in the community. Known as Shoctober, the focus is on raising awareness of the seriousness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest and how early defibrillation can increase the chance of survival significantly. There are sadly a number of preventable deaths lost […]

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  • Ararat And Stawell Archers Club Receives Defibrillators Package

    | 20 Oct 2017

    The Ararat and Stawell Archers Club are now ready to respond to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest thanks to St John Ambulance Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The Archery Club received a Defibrillator thanks to the Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program which aims to equip 1000 sporting clubs throughout Victoria with the […]

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  • First Aid Tips Every Workplace Should Know For Manual Handling Injuries

    | 17 Oct 2017

    October is National Work Safety Month which reminds both employers and employees the importance of a safe workplace. The consequences of a hazardous workplace can be drastic, with many Australians left unable to work and some tragically losing their lives from poor workplace health and safety (WHS) each year. As an employer you are obligated […]

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  • Restart a Heart Day – Get Involved

    | 11 Oct 2017

    If you’re living in Australia, you’re lucky enough to be receiving high standards of medical care. Many advancements in technology, medication and training have resulted in strong life expectancy and improved odds when it comes to diseases like cancer and even influenza. Despite all these modern developments, when it comes to cardiac arrest the survival […]

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  • Como Gardens, The Basin, Opens For The Final Time This Weekend – Knox Leader

    | 09 Oct 2017

    Modern day philanthropists, Pat and George Hetrel have donated a whopping $500,000 to St John Ambulance, the Knox State Emergency Service and The Basin CFA brigade through their extravagant fundraising events. The couple have invited members of the public to visit, explore and enjoy their extravagant property; Como Gardens, The Basin, with all donations going towards […]

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  • Pollen Count Melbourne: What Is Thunderstorm Asthma? – Herald Sun


    Asthma and hay fever sufferers are warned to keep their inhalers at the ready to prepare for possible thunderstorm asthma this spring. Read more about what causes thunderstorm asthma on the Herald Sun.

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  • The Parallels Between Workplace Bullying And Employee Mental Health


    In the midst of Mental Health Month it’s important that businesses reflect on their workplace culture and how it is contributing to the psychological status and productivity of employees. According to Heads Up Australia almost half of Australian employees believe their workplace is mentally unhealthy. This is an alarming revelation as psychological health is a […]

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  • How To Lead The Team You Inherit – The CEO Magazine

    | 04 Oct 2017

    In late 2016, St John Ambulance Victoria appointed Gordon Botwright CEO. Gordon speaks to CEO Magazine about how to successfully manage an organisation with a household name that consists of more than 2500 volunteers and 300 employees. Read more from his one on one interview with CEO Magazine.

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  • Anaphylactic Allergy – The Myths And The Facts

    | 25 Sep 2017

    In this day and age we receive reminders of the severity of allergic diseases on a daily basis. Food allergy warnings are heavily present in places like aeroplanes, schools and hospitality venues. The recent move to highlight the potential of anaphylactic allergy in public places is a great way to raise awareness to the disease […]

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