• Off For A Day At The Beach? Know Your First Aid for A Jellyfish Sting And Other Marine Creatures

    | 22 Jan 2018

    Australia is graced with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world so it’s no wonder Aussies love nothing more than a day at the beach. Unfortunately the ocean is home to many creatures that may be harmful and others that have the ability to be deadly. But, as a fearless nation it’s unlike […]

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  • Worried About Summer Pests? Here’s How To Provide First Aid For Bites And Stings

    | 18 Dec 2017

    In Victoria, the warmer months cause an influx in animal and insect bites and stings. An increase of encounters with pesky animals and insects such as snakes, spiders, ticks, leeches, bees and wasps is one of the few inconveniences of the season but it doesn’t need to put a dampener on an otherwise sun shiny […]

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  • Nyah Learns To Save Lives – Swan Hill Guardian

    | 13 Dec 2017

    Nyah District Primary School Year 3 and 4 students were taught life saving First Aid techniques throughout the St John Ambulance Victoria First Aid in School program visit. Read more in this piece from the Swan Hill Guardian.

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  • Busy At The Top Of Town – Snowy River Mail


    The children of Orbost North Primary School recently received a visit from St John Ambulance Victoria First Aid In School program. The program focuses on providing school agedkids the skills to respond in an emergency and treat common injuries. See more in this piece from the Snowy River Mail.

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  • First Aid For Blisters

    | 11 Dec 2017

    Summer has officially arrived and naturally it has Aussies around the nation bursting to get outside and embrace some of the country’s most beloved sporting activities. Victorians in particular are not about to let a summer’s day go to waste so once the season launches it’s all about backyard cricket, tennis tournaments, golfing extravaganzas and […]

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  • Defibrillators For Sporting Clubs – Wimmera Mail Times

    | 10 Dec 2017

    The final round has been opened for the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program. Sporting clubs across Victoria are being prompted to apply for a critical and life saving piece of equipment in their First Aid kit; a Defibrillator. Read more in this article by the Wimmera Mail Times.

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  • Sports Clubs For Defibrillators – Numurkah Leader

    | 06 Dec 2017

    The final round of the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program has officially opened and the Andrews Labor Government is calling for local Numurkah Clubs to apply. Read more from this article in the Numurkah Leader.

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  • St John’s Students Get Skills To Help – Euroa Gazette


    St John Ambulance Victoria recently visited St Johns Primary School in Euroa and provided life-saving First Aid training to students. Read more in this article from the Euroa Gazette.

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  • First Aid For Drowning

    | 04 Dec 2017

    Summer is an exciting and happy time for families; it involves more family fun days filled with sports, outdoor and social activities. One of the most loved summer pastimes for families is an afternoon spent at the pool, beach or river. But a day spent in the water means an increase in danger, and every […]

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  • Defibrillator For Lakeside – Swan Hill Guardian

    | 01 Dec 2017

    Lakeside Golf Club Lake Boga recently received a much needed Defibrillator after their application in the Defibrillator For Sporting Clubs & Facilities Program was approved. See more from the Swan Hill Guardian below.

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