• Volunteering With St John - Why Do They Do It?

    Volunteering: It’s More Than Just A Passion, It’s A Way Of Life

    | 23 May 2018

    People pursue a life of volunteering with St John for so many varying reasons, but the one motive that connects them all is that they do it because they care. There is a fire, igniting their passion to do good in the community and to help those that are in need. St John Ambulance Victoria’s […]

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  • Restart a Heart Day – Get Involved

    | 11 Oct 2017

    If you’re living in Australia, you’re lucky enough to be receiving high standards of medical care. Many advancements in technology, medication and training have resulted in strong life expectancy and improved odds when it comes to diseases like cancer and even influenza. Despite all these modern developments, when it comes to cardiac arrest the survival […]

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  • CPR Has Never Looked Better With a Vibrant Makeover at Chadstone the Fashion Capital

    | 19 Jun 2017

    Did you know that only 23% of Victorians feel confident to step up in an emergency to save a life? St John Ambulance thinks this number is far too low, and has created the CPR Lab Experience so that everyone can learn in just 10 minutes how to perform CPR in an emergency. Every minute […]

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  • How One Mother’s Quick Thinking Saved Her Seven Month Old Son from Lifelong Scars – Mamamia

    | 10 Mar 2017

    When burns happen, particularly if there are children involved, we often blame ourselves and feel terrible that we should have done more to prevent them. But by then it is too late and making sure we know the best way of treating them is the best insurance against pain and scarring. This happened to St […]

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  • Staying Alive Is The Right Beat – Shepparton News

    | 07 Mar 2017

    It sounds tongue in cheek, but Stayin Alive is the right tune to be thinking of when you really want someone to stay alive – while you’re performing CPR. This is just one of many tracks the St John CPR Lab plays as it tours the state delivering short compression-only CPR demonstrations. One recent location […]

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  • First Aid in Schools Training

    Kids Learn to Save Lives – Manningham Leader

    | 16 Jan 2017

    Students at Doncaster Primary School were lucky enough to have had the 175,000th student trained in First Aid in Victoria in 2016 as we hit our target for the year. Trainer was on hand to teach students like Georgie and Lee the fundamentals of how to save a life, part of the free First Aid […]

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  • Helping Our Heroes – Herald Sun

    | 11 Jan 2017

    To spread the word about the Grill’d Local Matters Initiative, our volunteer Amelia Harrison ventured out to South Melbourne beach for a photoshoot with the Herald Sun on a warm summer’s day. This was to let people know that for every burger purchased at a Grill’d in January, a token can be given to St […]

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  • The Free Five Minute Online Course for Treating Burns Every Parent Needs to Know About – Mamamia

    | 09 Jan 2017

    As part of the Burns First initative made possible by the Julian Burton Burns Trust and Clipsal, we set out to spread the word about the best way to treat burns. This included a community awareness program to ensure less people suffer from the pain and scarring that burns can bring. We found only 10% […]

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  • Support St John at Grill’d

    | 05 Jan 2017

    This January, St John Ambulance Australia are delighted to be participating in Grill’d Local Aussie Heroes. This program delivers donations from purchases made at restaurants back to not for profit organisations. The Australian public has an opportunity to have their say on which local Australian charity gets their dollars when they visit Grill’d – they […]

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  • Aussies Clueless on Treating Burns – Herald Sun

    | 29 Dec 2016

    The story of baby Mitch was picked up by the Herald Sun to spread the word about the Burns First initiative. Luckily Mitch’s mum Claire knew what to do when he suffered a scalding burn from hot water – run the burn under cold water for 20 minutes. Unfortunately 90% of Victorians aren’t confident to […]

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