• How One Mother’s Quick Thinking Saved Her Seven Month Old Son from Lifelong Scars – Mamamia

    | 10 Mar 2017

    When burns happen, particularly if there are children involved, we often blame ourselves and feel terrible that we should have done more to prevent them. But by then it is too late and making sure we know the best way of treating them is the best insurance against pain and scarring. This happened to St […]

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  • Stroke First Aid

    | 06 Mar 2017

    Every year, there are more than 55,000 strokes in Australia.  Shockingly, it kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer. Knowing the right steps to take for stroke First Aid is critical if we want to reverse this worrying trend. When it comes to stroke, it’s not just death that is […]

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  • Is There a First Aid Certificate Expiry Date?

    | 28 Feb 2017

    We often get asked about the date of First Aid certificate expiry, and the response we give varies. Firstly, your First Aid certificate doesn’t quite ‘expire’, but it does need to be refreshed at regular intervals to ensure the information is current and reflects best practice. The Australian Resuscitation Council, a panel of experts for […]

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  • Choking First Aid – Top 16 Do’s & Don’ts

    | 21 Feb 2017

    The panic that grips you when a drink goes down the ‘wrong way’ or a piece of food becomes stuck in your airway can be truly horrifying. Most of us will know how it feels to have our life flash before our eyes in those moments before we manage to cough and wheeze the blockage […]

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  • Love Your Heart By Knowing the Difference Between a Heart Attack and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    | 13 Feb 2017

    Until it happens to us or someone we love, most of us don’t know the difference between a heart attack and a sudden cardiac arrest. You’re definitely not the first to assume a heart attack and sudden cardiac are interchangeable terms. But when it comes to something that causes around 10% of all deaths in […]

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  • Not Sure What All Those Strange Items Are? A Guide to First Aid Kit Contents

    | 07 Feb 2017

    Most of us have a First Aid Kit somewhere, whether at home or work. It’s our ‘insurance policy’ against disaster and provides most of what you could need in an emergency situation. But are we really familiar with what is inside and what each item should be used for? Especially for workplaces, which must abide […]

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  • First Aid Checklist

    Your First Aid Checklist for Back to Work

    | 30 Jan 2017

    As the saying goes, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Without doubt, this also applies to First Aid in the workplace. At a minimum, your business needs to be compliant with the Worksafe Compliance Code for First Aid in the Workplace if you are in Victoria. Regulations require employers to provide a […]

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  • Christmas First Aid Tips

    | 19 Dec 2016

    Christmas is a very special time of year, but unfortunately also one of the deadliest. In all the excitement and anticipation of the big day, there is a much higher potential for injury because of the unique activities we get up to at this time. In fact Christmas is statistically the worst time of the […]

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  • Don’t Spread It – Infection Control When Providing First Aid

    | 12 Dec 2016

    A fact of life that will never change is that bacteria and viruses are everywhere around us. Some ‘bad’, some ‘good’ and some won’t affect us at all. Coughing, breathing, touching and bodily fluids can all spread these microorganisms between us and even lead to serious deadly diseases. When providing First Aid, you should think […]

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  • Head Injury First Aid Tips

    Lifesaving Tips for Head Injury First Aid Treatment

    | 05 Dec 2016

    When it comes to first aid, head injuries are one of the most serious and challenging concerns to treat. Unless you see clearly visible bleeding or open wounds to the head, the brain may have sustained significant life threatening injuries. These hidden injuries can be the most concerning, as they usually don’t appear as serious […]

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