• CPR to the Rescue with Faster Training

    | 22 Oct 2019

    CPR is shown in movies often and most of the time, it shows an unrealistic miracle in incorrect first aid techniques. Currently, only 1 in 10 Australians survive cardiac arrests but this statistic can be reduced by having more people provide CPR in a timely manner. One thing to know is that movie CPR scenes […]

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  • How Video Enhanced Delivery of First Aid Training Can Save More Lives

    | 07 Oct 2019

    73% of Australians say that it’s as important to learn first aid as it is to swim. Just like how you cannot predict rip currents in the ocean, accidents can happen at any time. But unlike rip currents, even basic first aid can save a life. You’ve told us that the faster and more enjoyable […]

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  • Appreciating Your Workplace First Aider

    | 02 Oct 2019

    First Aiders in the workplace, although vitally important, can often go unnoticed until their skills are needed in an emergency situation.  They are the reliable, calm presence that reassures everyone they will be ok regardless of what happens. When it comes to fulfilling the duty of care to staff, the First Aiders are a critical […]

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  • End of Financial Year First Aid Advice

    | 20 Jun 2019

    End of Financial Year is fast approaching and it’s important that every business has ticked all the boxes available to benefit their business before tax time arrives. But far more important than financial savings, End of Financial Year is the ideal time to ensure your business is well placed to save a life. Checking your Kits, […]

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  • Why Is St John Using Virtual Reality in First Aid Training?

    | 17 Jun 2019

    Over 6400 people suffered a cardiac arrest in 2018 in Victoria alone, but only 40% received CPR from a bystander – a figure St John is hoping to improve to 90% over the next 5 years. Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, anytime and to people of all ages, backgrounds and health status. In most cases, […]

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  • Mental Health

    Mental Health Training – Keeping a Mentally Healthy Workplace

    | 12 Mar 2019

    Mental Health – it’s a term that’s quite often flung around in the media, in social settings and at the workplace, but what does it mean? Well, by definition, mental health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can […]

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  • The Latest Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates in Victoria – 7 Shocking Facts You Must Know

    | 11 Feb 2019

    Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) remains the leading cause of death worldwide. To put it simply, cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to effectively pump. Fortunately, if we all work together, there are ways to increase the cardiac arrest survival rates. One essential way we can […]

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  • Eight Critical Differences Between A 1-Day or 2-Day Provide First Aid Course

    | 18 Dec 2018

    So, you’re considering completing a First Aid course, but you’re overwhelmed by the options available? One of the most common questions people ask themselves when researching courses is ‘what is the difference between a one and two-day course?’ Especially when it comes to the Provide First Aid Course – the code is the same, but […]

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  • First Aid for Tradies

    | 21 Aug 2018

    A whopping one third of all Australia’s workforce are tradies. Sadly, they represent 58% of workplace injuries and 190 serious claims each day, a figure much higher than it should be. Worksites are no doubt a dangerous place to be employed. Trade occupations are also sadly over-represented in the fatality statistics, with industries like construction, […]

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  • 5 Ways to Know if You’re Getting Your Training from a Real RTO

    | 17 Apr 2018

    When you’re completing any type of training, whether it be First Aid training or another sort of workplace course, you depend on knowing you’re dealing with a reputable RTO training organisation that will deliver more than just a piece of paper. After all, your time, money and effort are all extremely valuable and you have […]

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