• St John Ambulance Awards Unsung Heroes of Victoria

    | 06 Aug 2019

    St John Ambulance Victoria recently announced this year’s winners of our prestigious First Aid Champion Awards highlighting the significant need of First Aid training in the community. The First Aid Champion Awards provides a unique opportunity for Victorians to honour unsung heroes – whether they be colleagues, classmates, friends or family – who have made […]

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  • Q&A: St John Volunteer brings essential First Aid training to Cambodia

    | 23 Jul 2019

    Earlier this year, one of our very own volunteers, Milê Glamcevski, embarked on an expedition of a lifetime and headed to Cambodia to teach vital lifesaving first aid. Milê Glamcevski has been a Victorian St John Volunteer for almost four years, and throughout this time has dedicated countless hours to the community. Over the last […]

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  • Why Is St John Using Virtual Reality in First Aid Training?

    | 17 Jun 2019

    Over 6400 people suffered a cardiac arrest in 2018 in Victoria alone, but only 40% received CPR from a bystander – a figure St John is hoping to improve to 90% over the next 5 years. Cardiac arrest can happen anywhere, anytime and to people of all ages, backgrounds and health status. In most cases, […]

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  • Epilepsy

    Managing Epilepsy – How to provide Seizure First Aid

    | 26 Mar 2019

    Epilepsy is a common condition in our community and can develop at any age regardless of gender or ethnic group. Currently, research suggests that 3-3.5% of the Australian population will develop epilepsy at some stage in their lives. Considering a significant amount of people are living with the disorder throughout the community, it’s most important […]

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  • Mental Health

    Mental Health Training – Keeping a Mentally Healthy Workplace

    | 12 Mar 2019

    Mental Health – it’s a term that’s quite often flung around in the media, in social settings and at the workplace, but what does it mean? Well, by definition, mental health is “a state of well-being in which every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can […]

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  • Road Trauma

    Regional Victoria Road Toll not slowing down – How to provide road trauma First Aid

    | 18 Feb 2019

    The Road Toll is a serious topic that needs to be discussed and brought to wider attention. This year, we’ve already seen 41 lives lost on the roads in Victoria – a number that is unquestionably high! In 2018, although it was the lowest recorded Regional Victoria Road Toll since records began, we still saw […]

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  • The Latest Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates in Victoria – 7 Shocking Facts You Must Know

    | 11 Feb 2019

    Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) remains the leading cause of death worldwide. To put it simply, cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to effectively pump. Fortunately, if we all work together, there are ways to increase the cardiac arrest survival rates. One essential way we can […]

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  • GoodSAM: A United Move To Tackle Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    | 05 Jun 2018

    Ambulance Victoria has launched the life-saving GoodSAM app in Victoria with the support of fellow emergency services Life Saving Victoria, Country Fire Authority, Chevra Hatzolah and of course, St John Ambulance Victoria. The smartphone app is a progressive example of how technology connects our community and plays an integral role in strengthening resilience. Designed to […]

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  • Restart a Heart Day – Get Involved

    | 11 Oct 2017

    If you’re living in Australia, you’re lucky enough to be receiving high standards of medical care. Many advancements in technology, medication and training have resulted in strong life expectancy and improved odds when it comes to diseases like cancer and even influenza. Despite all these modern developments, when it comes to cardiac arrest the survival […]

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  • Ambulance Service Issues Thunderstorm Asthma Warning – Bendigo Advertiser

    | 21 Sep 2017

    In hindsight of last years thunderstorm asthma epidemic across Victoria, St John issues a reminder for the general public to be aware of how to provide asthma First Aid in the case of an emergency. Of the thousands of people who were hospitalised due to thunderstorm asthma on that deadly night in November 2016, 40% had […]

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