• How to Provide Effective First Aid to an Open Wound

    | 18 Jul 2019

    This week is Wound Awareness Week, with the theme ‘Let’s Talk About Wounds’, is a week aimed to get people talking about the rising issue of wounds. In addition, Wound Awareness Week is to reach out to all, to help us spread awareness of what wounds are, who’s at risk and what someone should do […]

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  • Epi pen anaphylaxis

    Anaphylaxis Explained – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

    | 15 Apr 2019

    In Australia, allergies are very common. Currently around one in three people will develop allergies at some time during their life. It is estimated that up to 2% of adults, 1 in 10 babies and 6% of children have a food allergy and some of them will experience a life-threatening allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). What is […]

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