• St John Ambulance Volunteer Requirements – What it Really Takes

    | 12 May 2017

    We get a huge amount of volunteer enquiries every month – up to 150 in Victoria alone. We’re very fortunate and humbled that so many people want to join us in delivering First Aid services to the community at festivals and events. Our volunteers are so incredibly valued by the public when they’re out and […]

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  • Royal Visit – Caufield Glen Eira Leader

    | 09 May 2017

    St John Victoria’s vision is to have at least one person educated, equipped, and prepared to provide life-saving First Aid in every household, workplace and public gathering in Victoria. St John believes early education on first aid is crucial to achieving this goal. This inspired the St John Victoria First Aid in schools initiative which has […]

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  • St John Victoria Volunteer

    National Volunteer Week: Ballarat thanks hard workers – The Courier

    | 08 May 2017

    It takes complete humility, compassion and selflessness to volunteer your spare time to providing care and assistance to your community. At St John Victoria we are very fortunate that our volunteers fully encompass these traits. We are so incredibly grateful for their ongoing commitment and efforts to contribute to the safety of our community and build resilience across […]

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  • CPR Training St John

    First Aid Taught To A Driving Rhythm – The Senior

    | 26 Apr 2017

    As part of our CPR Lab tour of retirement communities in Victoria, we recently visited Cumberland View in Wheelers Hill. The Senior published this piece online to spread the word, you can take a look here.

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  • Camping First Aid Myths – Practical Parenting

    | 13 Apr 2017

    Just in time for Easter camping trips away in the wilderness, Practical Parenting published this handy guide on camping first aid myths in collaboration with St John Ambulance. It covers what to do and what not to do for a bee sting, dehydration, snakebite and burns around the camp fire. Going bush can be dangerous, […]

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  • Wilderness First Aid Tips for Camping and Hiking

    Going Camping? Wilderness First Aid Tips

    | 11 Apr 2017

    When we ask people why they’re completing First Aid training with us, often they’re keen campers or hikers and want some wilderness First Aid advice in case something should go awry when they’re possibly hours or days away from help. The risks are magnified when you’re in dense bush and a location without a mobile […]

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  • What Is Mental Health First Aid

    What Is Mental Health First Aid and How Can I Help in a Crisis?

    | 05 Apr 2017

    Mental Health First Aid is one of those courses we all think is a good idea, but how many of us have done a course? With 1 in 5 Australian adults experiencing symptoms of mental illness during any 12 month period, the likelihood you could need to use skills taught in a mental health first […]

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  • What is A Defibrillator? All Your Questions About AEDs Answered

    What is A Defibrillator? All Your Questions About AEDs Answered

    | 29 Mar 2017

    You might be hearing more and more about Defibrillators or AEDs lately, and for good reason. Defibrillators really do save lives, and this makes them the most powerful tool a First Aider can use. But what is a Defibrillator exactly and how do they bring people back from the brink of death? Are they dangerous? […]

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  • Defibrillators Up For Grabs for Sports Clubs – Leader

    | 23 Mar 2017

    As part of the Department of Health & Human Services’ Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program, Minister John Eren met with St John trainers and staff for a Defibrillator demonstration. St John CEO Gordon Botwright watched on with Eren as trainers Jackson and Frank showed how easy it is to use and apply a […]

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  • Many Aussies Have No Idea How to Treat Venomous Bites, Study Finds – Herald Sun

    | 20 Mar 2017

    The warmer months are always a peak period for creepy crawlies like spiders, snakes, bees and other bugs.  With this comes a greater potential to be bitten, stung and potentially end up losing a life. St John is continually advocating for greater awareness around correct First Aid treatment of bites and stings, with this in […]

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