• Christmas First Aid Tips

    | 19 Dec 2016

    Christmas is a very special time of year, but unfortunately also one of the deadliest. In all the excitement and anticipation of the big day, there is a much higher potential for injury because of the unique activities we get up to at this time. In fact Christmas is statistically the worst time of the […]

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  • Call For More Volunteers – Shepparton News

    | 17 Dec 2016

    With an upcoming volunteer information session in Shepparton, Kimberley and Matthew Jaskolski appeared in Shepparton News to spread the word and tell their story about being St John volunteers. The full article can be viewed online here.

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  • Volunteer Marks 47 Years – Moorabbin Leader

    | 14 Dec 2016

    One of many St John volunteers who received an award at Government House, Henry van Ginkel of the Kingston Division recently appeared in the Moorabbin Kingston Leader:

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  • Don’t Spread It – Infection Control When Providing First Aid

    | 12 Dec 2016

    A fact of life that will never change is that bacteria and viruses are everywhere around us. Some ‘bad’, some ‘good’ and some won’t affect us at all. Coughing, breathing, touching and bodily fluids can all spread these microorganisms between us and even lead to serious deadly diseases. When providing First Aid, you should think […]

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  • Generous Gestures Earn Grand Prizes – Moreland Leader

    | 09 Dec 2016

    One of our youth members Tanishea Holmquest received the Grand Prior’s Badge at the awards in November. News of her win spread to the Moreland Leader who published an article that can be viewed online here.

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  • Award Has Proven Michael is Dedicated to the Cause – Berwick Gazette

    | 08 Dec 2016

    Michael Ray received an award for 12 year’s service at the Government House presentation in November. News of his win spread to the Berwick Gazette who published an article that can be viewed online here.

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  • Charity’s Efforts With St John Recognised – Maryborough Advertiser

    | 06 Dec 2016

    One of our youth members Charity White received the Commissioner’s Badge at the awards in November. News of her win spread to the Maryborough Advertiser, who published this article:  

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  • Head Injury First Aid Tips

    Lifesaving Tips for Head Injury First Aid Treatment

    | 05 Dec 2016

    When it comes to first aid, head injuries are one of the most serious and challenging concerns to treat. Unless you see clearly visible bleeding or open wounds to the head, the brain may have sustained significant life threatening injuries. These hidden injuries can be the most concerning, as they usually don’t appear as serious […]

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  • Asthma First Aid

    | 28 Nov 2016

    As recent events have shown us, asthma attacks can strike fast and to a widespread range of individuals. Even those who have never been affected before could develop asthma over their lives and experience a sudden onset for the very first time during an extreme weather condition. Melbourne is known as a global hotspot for […]

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  • Youngsters Get a Lifesaving Lesson – Monash Leader

    | 23 Nov 2016

    After we received an anonymous donation with a request the funds go towards First Aid in Schools at St Christopher’s Primary School in Glen Waverley, we contacted the school and arranged to send a presenter to train the students. The Monash Leader wrote this article about the day:

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