• Eight Critical Differences Between A 1-Day or 2-Day Provide First Aid Course

    | 18 Dec 2018

    So, you’re considering completing a First Aid course, but you’re overwhelmed by the options available? One of the most common questions people ask themselves when researching courses is ‘what is the difference between a one and two-day course?’ Especially when it comes to the Provide First Aid Course – the code is the same, but […]

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  • Alcohol Overdose First Aid

    Be Prepared This Silly Season – Know Your Alcohol Overdose First Aid

    | 04 Dec 2018

    The silly season has officially arrived which means an abundance of workplace celebrations, family merriments and friendship festivities are upon us. At the end of a year it’s only natural for people to want to let their hair down, relax, and unwind whilst enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two and why not – you’ve earnt […]

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  • How to Use a Defibrillator in Sudden Cardiac Arrest First Aid

    The Lifesaving Combination In Sudden Cardiac Arrest First Aid

    | 15 Oct 2018

    Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in Australia. Currently only 1 in 10 Australians survive the health emergency, but we know these statistics can be dramatically reduced if sufferers receive cardiac arrest First Aid in the first moments. Why Is Time So Important After A Cardiac Arrest Occurs? A cardiac arrest […]

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  • Should You Have A Mental Health First Aider In Your Workplace? Victorians Vote YES

    | 10 Oct 2018

    Research continues to reveal the alarming prevalence of poor mental health across our nation so the age-old question is how are workplaces contributing to this and what are they doing to counteract it? In recent years there has been a huge push for businesses to invest in workplace culture to boost wellbeing amongst employees. But […]

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  • First Aid for Overdose - Know the Steps

    First Aid for Overdose

    | 30 Aug 2018

    Overdoses, either accidental or deliberate, can happen to anyone at any time. Seeing someone in the grips of an overdose can be a scary and confronting experience, not knowing what they’ve taken, why and how much can cause panic. When someone takes the wrong substance or the wrong combination of substances, knowingly or unknowingly, it […]

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  • First Aid for Tradies

    | 21 Aug 2018

    A whopping one third of all Australia’s workforce are tradies. Sadly, they represent 58% of workplace injuries and 190 serious claims each day, a figure much higher than it should be. Worksites are no doubt a dangerous place to be employed. Trade occupations are also sadly over-represented in the fatality statistics, with industries like construction, […]

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  • First Aid Skills Come In Handy – Sunbury Leader


    When a friend lost consciousness at a local party, Kirra Walker could not have been more thankful that she had just completed her First Aid training. But the Good Samaritan did not stop there, her skills were called upon three more times in the following days, making her the quintessential candidate for the St John […]

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  • Unsung Hero Nominated For First Aid Champion – Coast FM

    | 16 Aug 2018

    When Dianne Swinton’s husband returned from his daily bike ride he was not himself and within moments he suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Dianne immediately jumped into action, called triple zero and provided CPR until emergency services arrived. Dianne’s speedy response was pivotal to the survival of her husband and she has now deservedly been […]

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  • Wow, What A First Week – Sunbury Leader

    | 14 Aug 2018

    Local Romsey resident Kirra Walker put her First Aid training straight to work providing First Aid four times in the space of one week since completing the course. The local hero has been acknowledged for her efforts through a nomination to be awarded in the inaugural St John Ambulance Victoria First Aid Champion Awards in […]

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  • How To Provide First Aid To A Major Wound

    | 06 Aug 2018

    Major wounds can happen in a moment, in any kind of environment. Typically when we think of a major wound we envision a catastrophic event such as a serious road collision, an explosion or a violent confrontation. But major wounds such as embedded objects, puncture wounds, amputation or bleeding from the scalp can occur anywhere […]

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