• What is the Chain of Survival

    | 02 Nov 2016

    If the words Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) stir up fear in you then you’re not alone. When the heart stops beating unexpectedly with no prior warnings like chest pain or shortness of breath, Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be fatal extremely quickly. The facts back up this fear – 95% of victims of SCA die before […]

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  • 7 Words That Will Save a Life – The DRSABCD

    | 01 Nov 2016

    Warning: what you read here might save a life! When it comes to basic life support, the first few minutes of an incident are critical. DRSABCD may sound complicated but ultimately, there are two things the body needs to survive – breathing and circulation. If the casualty can’t breathe, their organs will quickly suffer due […]

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  • Youths Learn Life Saving Skills – Moreland Leader

    | 25 Oct 2016

    As part of International Restart a Heart Day, Grade 5 & 6 students at St Paul’s Primary School in Coburg were taught CPR. The Moreland Leader were on hand and prepared this article on the session:

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  • Skills Training A Life-Saver – Monash Leader


    As part of Restart a Heart Day on 18 October, St John held an event to teach those in our local area of Mount Waverley vital CPR skills at our CPR Lab deployment. Monash Leader wrote a feature on the event:

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  • The Age Feature on St John Trainer Marcelle Mangan

    | 16 Oct 2016

    Journalist Josh Jennings from The Age joined one of First Aid trainer Marcelle’s classes for the day and gained much insight into the learning experience we provide at St John. The article also gave some background on the career of a First Aid Trainer – in particular what it takes to become a Trainer with St […]

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  • Blues Welcome Defib Machine – North Central Review

    | 11 Oct 2016

    As part of the Defibrillators for Sporting Clubs and Facilities Program by the Victorian Government, St John Ambulance Victoria are providing AEDs for a range of local clubs in need of this life saving equipment. On the day we delivered training showing members of Kilmore Cricket Club how to use the Defib, the North Central […]

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  • What You Learn Here Could One Day Save A Life – Weekend Notes

    | 05 Oct 2016

    Motivated by an upcoming camping trip, Gayle Beveridge completed a training course with us at St John Ambulance and found it an extremely valuable opportunity to learn some life saving skills. She put together an extremely comprehensive review on the Weekend Notes website: You can read the review in full at Weekend Notes here.  

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  • Quick Thinking Callum Saved Mum Kendra’s Life – Herald Sun

    | 27 Sep 2016

    As part of the 1 Million Child trained through the First Aid in Schools Program, this feature on Callum and Kendra Di Pietro appeared in the Herald Sun. You can read the full article online here 

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  • St John Volunteer Training Car Crash Scenario – Cranbourne Leader

    | 21 Sep 2016

    Our volunteers regularly complete training to upskill and expose themselves to different scenarios. One such occasion was the scene of a two car smash at Cannons Creek, where our Volunteers attended to a simulated incident featuring 10 casualties. The Cranbourne Leader covered the training event in this article: You can read the full story online […]

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  • Noorat Pupils Learn How to Provide First Aid – Mortlake Dispatch

    | 25 Aug 2016

    Our First Aid in Schools Program visited Noorat in South Western Victoria to teach them some vital life saving skills. The Mortlake Dispatch ran this story on the sessions:

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