• Head Injury First Aid Tips

    Lifesaving Tips for Head Injury First Aid Treatment

    | 05 Dec 2016

    When it comes to first aid, head injuries are one of the most serious and challenging concerns to treat. Unless you see clearly visible bleeding or open wounds to the head, the brain may have sustained significant life threatening injuries. These hidden injuries can be the most concerning, as they usually don’t appear as serious […]

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  • Youngsters Get a Lifesaving Lesson – Monash Leader

    | 23 Nov 2016

    After we received an anonymous donation with a request the funds go towards First Aid in Schools at St Christopher’s Primary School in Glen Waverley, we contacted the school and arranged to send a presenter to train the students. The Monash Leader wrote this article about the day:

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  • What To Do In A Car Accident – Responding With First Aid

    | 22 Nov 2016

    The scene of an accident can be confronting, but this is where First Aid training can really help you focus and assist those in need, possibly saving lives. Those without the preparation of training may not know what to do in a car accident and could be reluctant to do anything at all. Time is […]

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  • What is First Aid?


    A vital step in the process of care, First Aid is something everyone can and should provide. The aim of First Aid is always to preserve life. It can make a huge difference to whether someone survives, and is an incredibly important and often unrecognised part of the process. But what is First Aid? What […]

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  • First Aid In Schools at Mackellar Primary School – Brimbank Weekly Feature

    | 16 Nov 2016

    Students in grades 5 and 6 enjoyed learning CPR and First Aid via our First Aid in School program, as featured here in the Brimbank Star Weekly. The program will train 175,000 Victorian primary school students this year, a record for the program so far. For the full article online, please visit http://www.starweekly.com.au/news/young-school-leaders-learn-save-life/ 

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  • How to Stop Bleeding – 16 Do’s & Don’ts

    | 14 Nov 2016

    The sight of blood is alarming for most people. In fact, many people will even faint or become sick at the sight of blood. Even if it doesn’t make you queasy, wanting to quickly treat the wound and stop the blood is a natural reaction for most people. This is why detailed steps on how […]

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  • Injury Prevention in the Workplace – 32 Tips That Are Better Than a Cure!

    | 08 Nov 2016

    In Australia, workplace fatalities reach their peak in November and December, with almost 25% of deaths occurring in these two months. The busy nature of the Christmas rush is one explanation, with some in key industries like manufacturing and construction hurrying to meet end of year deadlines. This is a tragic but avoidable reality which […]

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  • What is the Chain of Survival

    | 02 Nov 2016

    If the words Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) stir up fear in you then you’re not alone. When the heart stops beating unexpectedly with no prior warnings like chest pain or shortness of breath, Sudden Cardiac Arrest can be fatal extremely quickly. The facts back up this fear – 95% of victims of SCA die before […]

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  • Epilepsy

    7 Words That Will Save a Life – The DRSABCD

    | 01 Nov 2016

    Warning: what you read here might save a life! When it comes to basic life support, the first few minutes of an incident are critical. DRSABCD may sound complicated but ultimately, there are two things the body needs to survive – breathing and circulation. If the casualty can’t breathe, their organs will quickly suffer due […]

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  • Youths Learn Life Saving Skills – Moreland Leader

    | 25 Oct 2016

    As part of International Restart a Heart Day, Grade 5 & 6 students at St Paul’s Primary School in Coburg were taught CPR. The Moreland Leader were on hand and prepared this article on the session:

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