• 5,733 Hours and Counting – A Selfless Story

    | 24 May 2018

    In 1992 Allie Ford made a decision to devote her free time to aiding her community with St John. As a teen, the commitment to participating in such a selfless pastime was motivated by friendships she had fostered, she was completely unaware how instrumental this decision would be to becoming the woman she is today. […]

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  • Volunteering With St John - Why Do They Do It?

    Volunteering: It’s More Than Just A Passion, It’s A Way Of Life

    | 23 May 2018

    People pursue a life of volunteering with St John for so many varying reasons, but the one motive that connects them all is that they do it because they care. There is a fire, igniting their passion to do good in the community and to help those that are in need. St John Ambulance Victoria’s […]

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  • Quick, Convenient Access To Defibrillator – Cobram Courier

    | 16 May 2018

    Cobram Anglican Grammar School has made a life-saving addition to their onsite First Aid kit and equipment, with the purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator. Students, staff and visitors can now be assured they are in the best possible hands if a Sudden Cardiac Arrest did arise at the school. Read more in this article […]

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  • Giving Back With St John – Dandenong Leader

    | 15 May 2018

    Dandenong resident Allie Ford has been a volunteer with St John Ambulance for more than 25 years. The good samaritan devotes her time to providing First Aid to the public to boost reassurance of safety in families and individuals on a fun day out in the community. Volunteers like Allie, are available to the public […]

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  • Boost To Save Lives At The Movies, Not In The Movies – The Courier

    | 14 May 2018

    St John Ambulance Victoria recently called for Defibrillators in the workplace to become mandatory after research revealed low awareness for the life-saving devices across the state. The non-profit organisation gifted five businesses throughout Victoria with a Defibrillator, boosting accessibility to Defibrillators for all Victorians if a Sudden Cardiac Arrest did occur. Showbiz Cinemas Delacombe was […]

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  • Food Allergies? Learn How To Manage Yours


    Food allergies are a growing concern in today’s society, with more and more people being born with the problem or developing a food allergy over time.  Currently, one in 10 infants and two in 100 adults suffer from food allergies in Australia. The severity of an allergic reaction varies from case to case but there […]

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  • Have You Had Your Flu Vaccination – Tarrangower Times

    | 11 May 2018

    Experts are predicting yet another significantly bad flu season in 2018, in a bid to offset this issue St John Ambulance VIC is offering the public flu vaccinations. Read more below in this article by Tarrangower Times.

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  • Have You Had Your Flu Vaccination? Bunyip Times


    After a severe flu season impacted a huge percentage of Victorians in 2017, St John Ambulance Victoria is offering flu vaccinations to the public in a bid to combat another predictably severe flu season. Read more below in this article by Bunyip Times.

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  • Bethany Community Support Chosen To Receive St John Ambulance Victoria Defibrillator – The Standard

    | 08 May 2018

    Bethany Community Support was one of five businesses across the state that was gifted with a Defibrillator from St John Ambulance Victoria as part of a recent campaign to make Defbrillators mandatory in the workplace. As a counselling and support service to women and children in the community the business could not be any more […]

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  • St John Ambulance Victoria Calls For Mandatory Workplace Defibrillators – Herald Sun

    | 05 May 2018

    St John Ambulance (VIC) is calling for mandatory Defibrillators in the workplace, as new research reveals a worryingly low awareness amongst Victorians of this life-saving device in the workplace. The research, commissioned by St John Ambulance (VIC) shows only three in ten Victorian workers are aware of a Defibrillator in the workplace. St John Ambulance […]

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